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Title Curative

Are you needing assistance before signing on the line? Our team has years of experience at your disposal. Our team has cured Oil and Gas Title for many thousands of acres and paved the road for a clear, risk-free title that will continue to serve our clients for many years.

  • Financial records

  • Ratification of leases

  • Correction leases

  • Release of liens

  • Coordinate with operating companies

  • Detailed review and analysis of all title documents

  • Assist in communication, litigation and production of curative documents

  • Fully repair or clarify chain of title issues

  • Record approved documents in the county public records to prevent the same issue from occurring in the future

  • Affidavits – Non-production, ownership, Use and Possession, heirship, identity

No matter where you are, every company faces a curative issue that demands immediate attention. Our professional title curative services team will solve the everyday curative matters, as well as be available to assist in avoiding future title curative problems during the acquisition process. The vision we share with our clients includes procedures for prioritizing and managing all curative requirements, classifying requirements for significance, assigning priorities and appropriately assessing risk. These tools enable us to address timing, cost, threats and potential consequences as needed to ensure positive outcomes for our clients.

We build relationships based on our client's vision by providing comprehensive land services for all your company’s needs.

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