Every company has a vision, and at Zimmer Resources we have the only one that matters: YOUR VISION!


Our team expertly satisfies all regulatory requirements, so our clients are prepared. We're always on call.

Our Process

  • Zimmer works within client project and drilling schedules

  • Zimmer coordinates its work with client attorneys and staff

  • Zimmer proactively advises clients on regulatory processes and procedures

Services We Can Provide for
Clients in the Regulatory Arena

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Federal, State and Local well permitting

  • Preparation of state regulatory applications

  • Comprehensive respondent list

  • Well proposal preparation and mailing

  • Survey plats for exhibits

  • Handle pooling bonus consideration for elections

We build relationships based on our client's vision by providing comprehensive land services for all your company’s needs.

Please contact us for information on how we can help your company.