Every company has a vision, and at Zimmer Resources we have the only one that matters: YOUR VISION!


We’re committed to negotiating and securing the best lease terms for our clients short-term and long-term oil and gas investment goals.

Our team is experienced with oil and gas leasing, surface leasing, mineral rights negotiations and many other administrative, legal and project management services related to the leasing of energy rights.

  • Experienced leasing and acquisition agents

    Effective, efficient and service-oriented

  • Mineral acquisitions

    Accurate and timely

  • Real-time Leasing project status

    Reporting and cost-tracking by project

  • Federal, BIA, State Bidding and Lease Acquisition

    Research, bid and lease to save our client’s valuable time

  • Secure lease information database

    All client data is secure and confidentially treated

  • Alternative energy leasing

    We understand both wind and solar energy.

Our experienced team and skilled agents are strong believers in the principals set forth by our Founder to communicate regularly with the landowners, our team and clients to keep everyone updated on the overall progress. The collaborative team approach allows us to navigate the acquisition and negotiation process efficiently and cost effectively.

Zimmer Resources is a quality full land service company.

We take pride in the work we do and understand that the excellence of our work results in timely project completion for our clients. Please contact our team of industry experts to discuss services that apply to your specific needs.